Trelleborg Group:
Shaping Industry from the Inside

Trelleborg Group is a world leader in engineered polymer solutions. They wanted to revise and strengthen their employer brand – to position the group as an employer of choice.
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The Solution

Despite an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) for this project, I found that reaching the target audience needed some additional creativity. Trelleborg can be very corporate and not always including in their communication, something we needed to attract new employees.

My contribution to the project was

  • Providing the visual umbrella concept for future employer branding deliverables
  • Relating the concept to the the core of the company
  • A multilayered design with flexible content within a fixed framework
  • Suggesting future possibilities to attract and interact with the target group
  • Interior branding, content and structure for the web, several templates for uniform communication
  • Working together with a copywriter to create the foundation for a global product rollout
Trelleborg Eb Polymer
I wanted to put the employee in the center, being the core of the company. Another core of the diverse company is the polymer. My vision was to simply use the polymer formation (already used a little bit within the company) and put the people inside the bubbles. To get a contemporary touch and a smart way of renewal I suggested the images to be like snapshots, easy to change over time and within different contexts. Being interactive they could be links to inspiring films, challenging competitions, hot cases and a flexible career site.
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