Trelleborg Group:
Ride Tall

Trelleborg Wheel Systems (TWS) is a leading, global supplier of tires and wheels for agriculture and forestry machines. They wanted help with launching a new forestry tire range, which combined the best benefits from the existing range and adding award winning innovations from the agriculture tire range.


Together with the copywriter I created a concept starting from the forester’s own perspective to highlight their work pride, we called it Ride Tall, referring to the saying ‘walk tall’. We wanted the buyer to be just as proud to use tires from Trelleborg.

The concept was expected to cover a product launch but our suggestion aimed to reach beyond product level to also strengthen the brand itself. By building on the experience and pride of the worker we developed a more emotional opportunity to reach the target. How about a forest playlist, a photo competition with your best forest view, or a nice lunchbox signed Ride Tall from TWS?


  • Working together with a copywriter to create the foundation for a global product rollout
  • Finding ways to leverage existing innovations from TWS to strengthen the new product
  • Finding ways to include end customers in the concept to increase campaign impact and strengthen the TWS brand
  • Creating ready-to-use drafts and visuals to kickstart production
The campaign was launched at one of the world’s largest forestry fairs and has since been rolled out in several languages through trade publications and other channels across the globe.