Visual identity revamp

Historically, Ecophon's guidelines were strict and filled with rules, giving little flexibility for development over time and with that they felt outdated. I also wanted to strengthen Ecophon as being a natural part of the design process for architects. What would trigger them in their work?
With the new visual identity my ambition was to:
  • Create guidelines, not rules, with room for flexibility, creativity and development
  • Get away from noisy cluttered layouts and offer calm and inspiring experiences
  • See less bright boxes and create more confident airiness and color tones


Built on examples from my recent work and further development I pinned down relevant directions. Our team supported Ecophon in creating a digital brand portal, replacing former PDF-guides. With inspiring examples and texts, I formed a framework that was guiding but still open for creativity and different channel/media adaptations.


  • Together with the Ecophon and W team lead the development of the new guidelines – accessible from the new digital platform – for employees and external partners.
  • Providing a good balance between function and creativity. A framework with possibilities to tell stories, spark engagement and strengthen the Ecophon brand.
  • Creating content such as brand elements, verbal information, inspirational examples and templates.
The visual platform is a living document and still in it’s early stages. With a huge amount of upcoming campaigns, communication platforms and productions it is now coming to life.