Celebrating 100 years, Visual guidelines

Bona AB is a global family-owned company founded in Malmö 1919. They provide products for the installation, maintenance and renovation of wood floors. They wanted W Communication Agency to dress their 100th anniversary year in a special logo.
I started with a moodboard to capture the tonality ­– shining floors, celebration, art deco, lightning up. The tagline from the copywriter referred back in time without closing the door to the future.

I also wanted some room for playfulness, could the logo be varied depending on usage? How should it work together with the company logo? When could it be used and where was it not appropriate?


I created a symbol of beaming light from a floor line. It could be used as a graphic element or together with the tagline and the Bona logo. The logo had two versions, one suitable for larger formats and one for smaller. I also created a guideline document with rules, recommendations and inspirations on how to use the elements. It included everything from placements, use in social media, on images, rollups, posters, on merchandise etc.

I also took part in planning different internal activities over the year such as employee testimonial films, distributor conference material and the concept for the big party located in Malmö, Shanghai and Denver.


  • Creating the visual elements for the anniversary
  • Creating a guideline document for others to use
  • Creating templates
  • Creating leave behinds
  • Help planning an activity plan for all the employees
  • Creating the concept for the anniversary party
  • Creating material for distributor conference